About Della

Hi. I’m Della Chelpka.

I create custom pieces of art for people who want to share a part of their story in a way that will bring lifelong pleasure for themselves, their special ones, and even future generations.

Each person has a different story and things that are special particularly to them. I love sharing that with you. With every piece, I find my inspiriation in what inspires you.

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Core Values

Do Work that Matters. I make art that matters to you. I create one of a kind priceless treasures that remind you of the people and things that are most important to you. If it matters to you, I’m motivated. Where other artists stop before the work is done, I keep diving into the details—with both my head and my heart.

Zero Stress. We have enough stress in our world. I will work with you to eliminate your fears about your piece and make the whole experience easy and pleasurable for you. Many of the people I work with have never purchased art before. I will guide you through the process to ensure that it will be smooth and enjoyable for both of us. I want you to tell you friends that I’m worth every dollar and more.

Use Freedom to Inspire. I’m not the kind of artist who churns out the same thing over and over again because it’s the safe thing to do. I take risks. I value freedom and spontaneity. I only take on projects that interest me, challenge me, inspire me. If I’m going to spend many hours painting, I want it to make me more in love with the beauty of God’s world. I’ve painted custom guitars, murals, shoes, baby carriers and, of course, I love to work on canvass. So, if you have a unique or special project, don’t be afraid to ask.